HR System

HR System

The Sunjin HR system fairly evaluates personnel based on their abilities and the performance of their respective jobs, and through a graded HR system to maintain/recruit core personnel and support the develop of abilities for each employee to reach their vision.

1. Rank System

The Sunjin rank system is composed of al total of 7 ranks. Ranks are divided based on work ability, authority, responsibility etc. and act as the standard for compensation. Promotion of rank is operated through parallel entrance and graduation methods.

Classification Rank Title
Manager M2 Department head
M1 Department head
Senior S3 Senior manager
S2 Manager
S1 Manager
Junior J2 Assistant manager
J1 Staff
<Entrance methods and graduation method>
Entrance method
Reaching the allotted promotion points is considered a basic condition of eligibility and promotion is determined through an HR council meeting
Graduation method
Promotion occurs without separate evaluation when the allotted promotion points are met

* Promotion points : Grade point, education point, re-employment

2. Evaluation System

The evaluation system of Sunjin appropriately reflects the performance of both the organization and the individual by parallel “individual evaluations” and “organization evaluation” through management by objective(MBO) evaluation and capability evaluation.

Individual and Organization Capability Strengthening
  • Capability evaluation
  • Performance evaluation(MBO)
  • Business Unit Evaluation
HR Pool / Organizational management / Compensation / Cultivation / Transitional placement

3. Personnel Cultivation System