“Nurturing dreams together”

In 1973, Sunjin recognized that a more scientific and professional approach was needed to realize the high potential value of the livestock industry. It was by establishing Cheil Breeding Stock Co., Ltd. in Icheon, Gyeonggi Province that we heralded the beginning of a specialized livestock food company.

Passion for Deram
In Sunjin is enthusiastic about its dreams. We started a farm in 1973 with the dream of making livestock an industry. We have a dream of living and growing together with livestock farms and delivering the best and safest food to the customer’s table. Sunjin has always followed its dreams.
Passion for Challenge
Sunjin is enthusiastic about Our passion is in our challenges. We have a lot of “firsts” in our history: Korea’s first pig breeding business, the first experiment for germ-free pigs, the first brand for premium pork, and the first bio-VG coating feed. At Sunjin, we keep approaching frontiers without fear of failure.
Passion for Execution
We are passionate about practice. In 1976, Sunjin started the genetic improvement of swine breeding stock for the first time in Korea. Although it was strenuous work without immediate profit, we carried on because we believed that it needed to be done. Today, Sunjin’s breeding stock is considered the best, both domestically and internationally. We continue to follow our passions, one of which is building a great grandparent (GGP) stock farm in Taean, South Chungcheong Province, Korea.

2020 Vision

“Never-ending Improvement for Customer Value”

Vision Slogan

What is Marching Forward 15° Management?

Sunjin’s Marching Forward 15° Management refers to our devotion to realizing customers’ values. Sunjin’s attitude is not only to aim for great business profits, but to focus on real customer values with consistent enthusiasm based on ceaseless effort.

Why is Marching Forward 15° Management Important?

Dedication for Customer Value CLIMAX OF ATTENTION TO AUDIENCE
Stage Tilt Angle 15° for the Bolshoi Ballet
Collaboration for Partnered Growth TO GUARANTEE OPTIMUM COMMUNICATION
Tilt Angle 15° of inclination for the Road
Competency for Growth & Sustainability TO MAINTAIN SUSTAINED EXERCISE ABILITY
Optimum Exercise Stance 15°