Message from CEO

선진 총괄사장 이범권

“Sunjin is creating a smart, ICT-based livestock environment.”

Welcome to Sunjin’s website.

We believe that our livestock products delivered from the farm to customers’ tables can raise their quality of life. Starting from a small farm in Icheon, Gyeonggi-do Province of Korea, we have expanded across the livestock industry from pig farming and feed to meat processing. Our dream has grown, extending past the border of Korea to reach the Philippines, Vietnam, China, and Myanmar to become a global livestock company.

Sunjin has pioneered the Korean livestock industry, incorporating science to establish a standard for national pig farming based on world-class technology. As our name Sunjin (which means “marching forward” in English) aptly suggests, we have always been a market leader in developing Korean pig breeds, the first pellet cow feed, and the first branded premium pork (Sunjin Pork) in the nation. Currently, we operate feed plants and pig and chicken farms in four South-Asian countries, spreading Korea’s livestock technologies globally.

Sunjin is preparing itself to take another step forward. As a proud member of Harim Group, a legend in the agricultural industry as the first large corporation in the field, we are committed to ethical management and developing new growth engines for the future. First of all, we are setting a standard for smart livestock farming as the fourth industry. Sunjin will enhance global competitiveness through ICT-based automation, moving away from the labor-intensive livestock environment of the past. At the same time, we will continue our best efforts to improve animal welfare and eco-friendliness to meet the demands of the time and to create a livestock environment in which every party can be happy.

In the global market, we will strengthen our foundation for mutual growth by localizing to suit the unique needs of each country and to help them stand on their own feet. We have led the way to raise the values and happiness of our customers and always will. Under the mission of “Nurturing dreams together,” we will enhance global competitiveness and provide reliable livestock products for consumers to create a world in which we happily coexist with our customers.

Sunjin CU Senior President Lee Bum-kwon Lee Bum-kwon