The following is a collection of frequency asked questions (FAQs) by customers: If the answers are not to your satisfaction, please contact us through “Enquiries.” We will personally address your queries.

General Enquiries

  • Where should I contact regarding employment?

    For enquiries regarding employment, please refer to the separate employment related FAQ located on our homepage.
    If you have other queries, please contact the below personnel in charge of employment for more timely and accurate information.

    Human Resources Development Team
    (mskim@sj.co.kr / 02-2225-0678)

  • Where should I contact regarding shares?

    In accordance with the fair disclosures regulations implemented from November 2002, company disclosures and related information cannot be provided from sources other than the related departments. For details, please contact us using the below mentioned contact number.

    Accounting Team Disclosure Section
    (leeji@sj.co.kr/ 02-2225-0639)

  • I would like to receive promotional material on Sunjin.

    For various promotional materials, please contact us at the contact number below and we will provide appropriate information following consultation.

    Strategic Planning Department Promotion Section
    (gdwoo@sj.co.kr/ 02-2225-0668)

  • I would like to receive Sunjin’s press material.

    Members of the press who wish to receive Sunjin’s press material can contact us through the contact information below.

    Strategic Planning Department Promotion Section
    (gdwoo@sj.co.kr / 02-2225-0668)

Feed Business

  • I am interested in using Sunjin feed.

    There is a designated regional distributer for Sunjin feed in each region. Please contact us through our homepage and we will connect you to your respective regional distributer.

  • You also have feed factories overseas; do you produce your feed overseas and sell it in Korea?

    Please note that this is not true. The overseas feed factories are only used for local production and sale. Feed is produced in large quantities and is perishable “food”; therefore, it is practically impossible to import it for distribution in Korea.
    The overseas plants use our technical knowledge to sell superior quality feed in the local market.

Meat Distribution Business

  • I am interested in purchasing Sunjin Pork.

    Sunjin Farm & Plaza: You can find Sunjin Pork at the regional Sunjin Farm and Sunjin Pork Plaza stores located across Korea. For details, please check “Where to find Sunjin Pork.”
    Distribution Stores: Sunjin Pork is available at E-Mart and Homeplus, Hyundai Department Stores, Lotte Department Stores, Shinsegae Department Stores, Everyday stores, etc. located across Korea.
    Online: Sunjin Pork is also available on various online shopping portals, including the Sunjin Pork Mall and NS Homeshopping, 11Street.

    (Go to Where to find Sunijn Pork)

  • Can I eat Sunjin Pork in restaurants?

    For your satisfaction, Sunjin Pork selects certified restaurants and cooperates in the operations of each store.
    Please find the restaurants where you can taste the best pork dishes in Korea below.
    For detailed addresses, please go to “Where to find Sunjin Pork.”

    (Go to Where to find Sunijn Pork)

  • I am interested in selling Sunjin Pork at our restaurant.

    Please contact us at the below mentioned phone number for a consultation, including a detailed introduction to Sunjin Pork.

    Sunjin Pork Marketing Team : 02-2225-0716

  • How do I report customer complaints or file claims against a product?

    For customer complaints, suggestions, and product enquiries, please contact us through the enquiry billboard.
    Your comments will be sent directly to the relevant department and a representative will contact you as soon as possible through landline/mobile phone or email.

    (Go to Enquiries)

Meat Processing Business

  • I would like to purchase Sunijn FS/Sunjin Ham products.

    Thank you for your interest in our processed meat products. For those who wish to purchase small quantities for home use, the products are available at NS Homeshopping, GS SHOP, Home&Shopping, WeMakePrice, Coupang, T-Mon, etc. For those who wish to purchase large quantities for wholesale usage, please contact us at the phone number mentioned below.

    Sunjin FS Customer Helpline 02-2225-0786
    Helpline hours 09:00−18:00 on business days (closed on Saturday, Sunday, and public holidays)

Pig Farming Integration Business