“40 years of Sunjin’s knowledge shared with Korea and the world”

1. Introduction

Sunjin was launched in Vietnam in 2004; in April 2005, it established a plant for the feed company Sunjin VINA at Dong Nai province in southern Vietnam. In 2009, it merged with the Hung Yen Feed Plant (Currently Sunjin FarmsCo; 10,000 tons/month) to expand its business across Vietnam through these two companies.
Later, in 2007, it additionally expanded a plant for shrimp feed, which is very popular locally. In 2012, the Sunjin Mekong Feed Plant (10,000 tons/month) was established in the Mekong delta region to allow the Vietnamese portion of Sunjin’s business to achieve a total feed production scale of nearly 40,000 tons per month. Thus, in 2017, Sunjin achieved feed sales of 270,000 tons and is consistently increasing production.
In addition, keeping pace with the acceleration of the local pig farming industry, Sunjin has begun work on the construction of a second plant in Hanoi in March 2017. In particular, as the demand for high quality premium feed in the Vietnamese feed market increases, the second plan in Hanoi aims to pursue differentiation of quality in pig farming feed and is undergoing construction with a target completion date within 2018.

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Dong Nai Plant

Vietnam Ho Chi Minh Mekong Plant

Vietnam Binh Thuan Farm

Vietnam Poultry Business

2. Number of Vietnam Employees


3. Total Revenue in Vietnam