Sunjin Research Center

“Innovation that creates the future! Our future growth engines are in Sunjin R&D”

Livestock affects our lives and future, and its management is highly scientific. This is why Sunjin R&D exists.
We create new, state-of-the-art technologies using consistent technology exchanges with advanced livestock countries in Europe and Sunjin’s more than 40 years of knowledge; we create synergies through technology convergence between research centers for feed, pig farming, cow farming, and meat and processing. The Harim Bio-Research Center, which was the first professional feed research center to be established in Korea, is leading the development of our livestock industry from materials analysis to farm consulting.

  1. 1. Feed Technology Innovation Center
    The Feed Technology Research Center, which has led the scientific development of feed through analysis of 40 years of accumulated livestock from Sunjin, provides world class feed that is suitable for the Korean farming environment through consistent technology exchanges with advanced livestock countries.
  2. 2. Cow Farming Technology Innovation Center
    According to Big Data, the Cow Farming Technology Research Center, which presents the optimal methods for the best cow farms, is the future of smart farms because it introduces livestock ICT to improve production efficiency and nutrient technology at cow milking and fattening farms.
  1. 3. Pig Farming Innovation Center
    The Pig Farming Research Center which has endeavored for maximization of productivity on site, is making pig farming more scientific through systematic data management and is applying superior overseas pig farming technologies to sites in Korea.
  2. 4. Meat and Food Innovation Center
    Sunjin is striving to cultivate a healthy meat consumption culture. It is especially working to expand the consumption of high-protein cuts, such as tenderloin, sirloin, fore shank etc., for a balanced consumption of protein and fat. The Meat and Food Research Center is always at the center of Sunjin Pork’s superior taste.
  1. 5. Digital Innovation Center
    The Digital Innovation Center supporting the creation of differentiated new customer value, the provision of data based business INSIGHT and the efficient operational innovation is progressing the smart farm materialization, feed, meat processing, the materialization of smart factory in the field of meat eating, the analysis/forecast of cloud big data through the ICT technology graft furthermore the digital technology R&D activity reaching the field of artificial intelligence, is securing the continuous growth power of Sunjin by building the global standard system based on the SAP S/4HANA being the whole company backbone system.