The Sunjin Farm Story

The Sunjin Farm brand logo includes the old philosophy for safe foods held by Sunjin, which places customers first. The green color filling symbolizes Freshness, representing Sunjin’s belief of providing customers with the high quality food found in nature. The two hills represent Sunjin’s passion to provide consistently safe and good products. The sun(farm) that radiantly rises from over the hill represents Sunjin’s sincere intention to provide the freshness of nature safely to the tables of customers by being devoted to all aspects of the process, production, manufacturing, distribution, and sales..

1. Fresh and Smart!
Directly produced and sold by the Sunjin and Harim Group, you can most quickly purchase the freshest products. Become a smart customer at Sunjin Farm!
2. Sunjin Farm Once a Day!
Various products, such as vegetables, fruits, manufactured products, meats, instant cooking products etc., can be found at Sunjin Farm. Prepare the ingredients to fill the table of the family you love every day at Sunjin Farm.


Sunijn Farm Bangi branch
Sunjin Farm, MS Building 1st floor, 39, Macheollo,
Songpa-gu, Seoul
Sunjin Farm Ssangmun branch
Sunjin Farm, Shinwon 2nd High-rise building 1st floor, 190,
Haedeungno, Dobong-gu, Seoul.