Product Overview


original Hamburg Steak
Traditional Japanese-style Hamburg steak with a juicy golden ratio of beef and pork and the additional flavor of onions

Real Grill Premium Tteokgalbi
Short Rib Patty (Tteokgalbi); Short rib patties made of Korean pork short ribs that have been marinated in a special tteokgalbi sauce; the smokiness is added through direct flame processing

Real Grill Cheddar Cheese Meat bun
Meat bun that is filled with the savory flavor of cheddar cheese and is made especially flavorful and aromatic through direct flame processing

Hot Chili Meat bun
A thick Hamburg steak filled with sweet and sour Mexican-style chili sauce: A juicy meat bun with a tender mouthfeel

Bulgogi Patty
Hamburger patty made using the harmonious combination of Korean pork and chicken meat together with bulgogi sauce

Real Grill Hamburger Patty
Korean pork hamburger patty that goes well with various sauces, making anyone a chef


Thick Sirloin Pork Cutlet
A Korean made traditional thick sirloin pork cutlet with a thickness of 8.5 mm for a crispy and full-flavored mouthfeel

FarmsOne Handmade Sirloin Pork Cutlet
A pork cutlet that balances the natural flavor of Korean pork sirloin and the crispy mouthfeel of breadcrumbs

Noble Cheese Pork Cutlet
A pork cutlet with flavors of both a thick-cut Korean pork sirloin and smooth and strong cheese combined using a crispy fried batter

Baked Pork Cutlet
Thick-cut Korean sirloin pork cutlets that can be baked crispy in an oven, without the inconvenience of frying in oil

Fresh Whole Meat Chicken Cutlet
Chicken cutlets made by adding rosemary, nano-calcium, and chlorella extract to whole Korean chicken, considering customer health

Real Fresh Shrimp Cutlet
Shrimp cutlet with full shrimp aroma and flavor, includes whole shrimp for enjoyment while eating

Vegetable Minced Cutlet
A juice product made by frying smoothly grinded Korean pork with various vegetables, such as onion, leek, carrots, and peppers etc.

Thick Minced Cutlet
A juicy product made by frying smoothly grinded Korean pork and onions

Balls/Mini meat patties

Apple Sauce in Meatball
A harmonious product made of Korean pork meatballs and sweet and sour apple sauce

Calcium Meatball Plus
Meatballs made of roughly minced Korean pork

Real Grilled Charcoal Flavor Meatball
Meatballs made of Korean pork processed on a direct flame

Korean Seven Grain Meatball
A product that considers health by adding 7 Korean grains to Korean pork meatballs

Flying Fish Roe Meat Dumpling
A product made by adding flying fish roe to Korean pork for a great savory flavor and the exploding mouthfeel of flying fish roe

Real Grill Pork Neobiani
Thick, marinated minced steaks made by adding short rib marinating sauce to coarsely grounded Korean pork

Fried Food

Cotton Flower Sweet and Sour Pork
Ball-shaped sweet and sour pork made of whole Korean pork sirloin which is crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside

Sunijn Pork Pie
Porkpie with a crispy mouthfeel made of whole Korean pork sirloin

Crispy Fried Pork Meatballs
It has an excellent crispy mouthfeel because of the rice breading on the surface

Flat Pork Karaage
Savory and crispy karaage made by flatly slicing Korean pork leg

Nugget King
Crispy and soft nuggets made of Korean chicken meat

Calcium in Sirloin Sweet and Sour Pork
Sweet and sour pork made of whole Korean pork sirloin

Cheese Crispy Balls
Product with an excellent savory cheese flavor and a crispy mouthfeel

Chinese-style deep fried meat
Chewy guobarou prepared by dredging marinated whole ribs marinated in special sauce in glutinous rice flour


Na-down Deli Farm
6 mm sliced Korean pork ham prepared using Sunjin’s superior technology, contains low sodium

Ohgu Ham
Contains added flavor and nutrients, prepared by adding Korean vegetables

Sunjin Pork Meat Ham S
The flavor and texture of canned ham is reproduced using Korean pork

Griddle Ham
A useful side dish; 5 mm sliced round ham covered in egg and prepared using Korean pork

Assorted Sunjin Pork for Budaejjigae
Sunjin offers 4 types of assorted hams and sausages, prepared using Korean pork, making it more convenient to prepare a strong Budaejjigae broth

Sunjin Pork Ham with Rice
Ham made by adding rice to Korean pork


Na-down knife-slice Vienna
Knife-sliced Vienna sausages prepared using Sunjin’s superior technology, contain Korean pork and low sodium

Real Sausage Bar
Convenient sticky-type sausages prepared using Korean pork with plentiful juices and smoky flavor

Assorted Sliced Sausage
3 types of Sunjin sausages prepared using thinly sliced Korean pork, allowing customers to taste various high quality Sunjin sausages at once

Tteokgalbi Flavored Sausage
Sausage differentiated in taste by adding tteokgalbi flavor to Korean pork

Sausage with Herbs
Sausage prepared by adding onion and parsley to Korean pork

Black Pepper Wurst
The greasy flavor of the sausage is reduced by adding pepper to Korean pork and prepared using the original traditional German method

Bacon/Smoked goods

The Soft Deli Bacon
Soft textured bacon prepared by adding Korean sun-fried salt to pork belly

Sunjin Pulled Pork
Excellent as a topping or side dish with its texture that smoothly separates following the grain of the meat

Na-down Boneless BBQ
A 3 mm sliced bacon prepared Sunjin’s superior technology, contains Korean pork leg that was made healthy by lowering sodium

Na-down Smoked BBQ
A 6 mm sliced bacon prepared using Sunjin’s superior technology, contains Korean pork leg that was made healthy by lowering sodium

Thick Smoked BBQ
A 6 mm sliced bacon prepared with Korean pork fore shank that was made by not adding sodium nitrite

Sunjin Pork Roast Char siu
This product can be used in various dishes, including rice toppings, ramen, fried rice etc.; it is a char siu prepared by marinating Korean pork sirloin in teriyaki sauce

Sunjin Apple Sauce BBQ Ribs
A product prepared by marinating Korean pork ribs in sweet and sour apple sauce

Sunjin Glazed BBQ Ribs
A product prepared by marinating Korean pork ribs in glazed sauce


Sunjin Pork Topping
Granule-type topping with a full flavor profile, prepared by mixing various spices to carefully selected pork

Direct Flame Bulgogi Topping
A strongly flavored dark brown topping that can be used on pizza etc., prepared by marinating carefully selected beef in bulgogi sauce and roasting at a high temperature

Pepperoni Topping
A ham-type topping that can be used on pizza etc., prepared by adding high quality spices to Korean pork and chicken meat

Sunjin Bulgogi Topping
Granule-type topping made by mixing beef in bulgogi sauce

BBQ Chicken Topping
A topping that prepared by marinating Korean chicken meat in BBQ sauce, and slicing it thinly after heat treatment

Teriyaki Chicken Topping
Enjoy the natural form and flavor of the chicken in this topping, which is prepared by brining whole chicken pieces, and dicing it after heat treatment

Ready-to-cook food/Other

Real Boston Butt Bite-sized Steak
A juicy cube-shaped steak product with a soft mouthfeel, prepared using the Boston butt of Korean pork

Real Charcoal Grilled Pork (Maekjeok) Roast
Traditional maekjeok roast, prepared by marinating thinly sliced Boston butt of Korean pork in special maekjeok sauce

Honey-Soy Sauce Bulgogi
Bulgogi with a strong flavor, prepared by adding Korean Sunjin pork to a special court cuisine marinate

Simply Well Made Steak
A meat mix for the oven, prepared by adding seasonings, such as onion, garlic, sesame oil to Korean pork

Mini Hotdog
A hotdog with plump juicy sausage inside a cute bun, topped with sweet potato

Plain Hotdog
A sausage bun that harmoniously pairs soft bread and sausage