Directly Managed Farms

“We found solutions on site by thinking like a pig farmer”

  • Cheil Breeding Stock Co., Ltd. Agricultural Corporation
    Cheil Breeding Stock, founded in Icheon Gyeonggido in 1873, is a pig farm that became a forerunner for Sunjin. As a farm specializing in producing piglets with a scale of 2,500 heads of breeding sow, it is meaningful because it has made Sunjin the root of the developments in the livestock industry. Owing to the outbreak of the foot-and-mouth disease in 2010, renewal work was conducted on the farm that was completing 40 years. The farm was rebuilt on the following principles of “3 Free Farm,” a farm free from smells, pollution, and disease, is eco-friendly, and can progress with society by utilizing techniques from farming facilities in advanced countries.
  • Genetic Resources Co., Ltd. Agricultural Corporation
    Genetic Resources was established in 1982 and has played an essential role in the development of the pig farming business of Sunjin; especially in 1983, when Korea first attempted specific pathogen-free (SPF) pork, the government formed an SPF pork group and provided strain building and breeding programs through C-section surgery. Later, in December 1989, Genetic Resources Co., Ltd. was established and the farm was changed to play two roles, namely increasing the breeding and fattening pigs. In 1991, it independently operated a breeding facility comprising SPF pork strains, which has now become the specialized breeding farm called Sunjin Breeding Co., Ltd. (Breeding GP) . Sunjin Breeding further launched the Sunjin AI Center in 1997 for AI implementation and has subsequently provided 45,000 ampules/year to pig farms across Korea. In September of the same year, the breeding sow integration program was implemented, which became the forerunner for Sunjin Hanmaul and was merged with Genetic Resources in 1998. Genetic Resources operates a fattening farm with 2,500 heads of breeding sow and a 750 head GP farm.
  • Boram Co., Ltd. Agricultural Corporation
    Boram Co., Ltd., which is an Agricultural Corporation, has aided in the development of the Sunjin pig farming business through continuous improvements in productivity. Located in Icheon Gyeonggido, Boram was established in February 2004 and completed its first market delivery in June 2006. Initially, Boram did not perform too well; however, currently it is targeting MSY 25 heads (national average 15.5 heads), average surviving litter of 13 heads (national average 10.7 heads). Boram is operated as a specialized piglet production farm with 2,500 heads of breeding sow.