“40 years of Sunjin’s knowledge shared with Korea and the world”

1. Introduction

Sunjin entered overseas business by constructing its first plant at Bulucan, near Manila, in the Philippines; this state-of-the-art automated plant can produce 10,000 ton of feed per month. After launching its first feed product in August 1998, it currently supplies feed for not only pigs but also chickens and ducks, adapting to the local characteristic of high poultry consumption, to feed retailers all over the Philippines.
In addition, in 2013, construction was completed on a 2nd plant in the Batangas region; it has the capacity of producing 10,000 tons of feed per month. Based on these facilities, Sunjin is accelerating its entry from its current core foothold in Luzon (Northern Philippines) to the Southern Philippines market.
Following 2010, the livestock industry in the Philippines has experienced rapid growth, and therefore we are currently in pursuit of opening a pig farming business to supply pigs that can adapt well to the local climate and provide high productivity. Sunjin currently operates one pig farm and is planning to establish another one with the capacity of 2,400 heads of breeding sow within this year, especially because raising pigs in the Philippines is still only being conducted on a small scale; therefore, the business outlook of Sunjin, with its superior knowledge and technology and high productivity, appears promising.

Philippines Buluban Plant

Philippines Batangas Plant

Groundbreaking Ceremony for the Second Farm

Philippine Employees

2. Number of Employees in the Philippines


3. Total Revenue in the Philippines