The Sunjin Feed Story

“It is the history and future of Sunjin
that puts customer value first”

“Let’s self-produce the feed for the pigs that we raise in our farms”
Sunjin Feed Co., Ltd. was initiated with this purpose; feed is not produced for selling, but to be used in our own farms. Sunjin Feed was born with the sincerity of a mother preparing meals for her children with utmost care.

  • Sunjin Feed Promises Good Performance.
    Beginning from a simple farm, Sunjin has grown into a leading global livestock company. Our customers pursue their family lives while operating farms, expanding their businesses, and even passing down the farms that they have painstakingly expanded to their children. The profits of customer farms are our competitiveness, and the competitiveness of the livestock industry of Korea as a whole. Thus, Sunjin Feed improves the profits of farms.
  • Sunjin Feed Promises Immaculate Safety.
    Many Koreans still believe that pigs are raised on leftover food and that cows only eat grass from the field. However, many people seek products from companies with the HACCP certification for the food they feed their children. Sunjin Feed endeavors to ensure hygiene and safety at all stages, from the receiving of raw materials to the delivery of the product. The HACCP certification, which is usually gained in food processing plants, has been attained for the Sunjin feed plant; it is meticulously handled just like the food we feed our children, and therefore Sunjin Feed is clean.  
  • Sunjin Feed Promises Consistent Quality.
    Sunjin Feed promises to maintain consistency in quality. It is the basic philosophy of Sunjin to consistently provide the highest quality of feeds and pork in farms. To ensure global competitiveness of not only Korean livestock but also the Korean livestock industry, we must win the trust of our fellow Koreans. We always consider the fact that only products with a high quality gain market recognition. In addition, Sunjin recognizes that feed is always an important factor in improving the quality of livestock; therefore, Sunjin Feed emphasizes consistency