Product Overview

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Pig Farming

  • Big Gut
    Big Gut is a feed exclusively for piglets and makes the intestines of the piglets large and healthy, leading to outstanding improvements is weight gain
    Big Gut
  • Balance
    A new concept of feed exclusively for pigs, tailored to consider metabolic balance and resilience to maintain stable intake even during stress

Dairy Farming

  • New BOSS
    Achieved YOLO 12,000 by applying the new concept of tri-genic nutrient Korea’s first feed exclusively for robotic milking machines –Sunjin Roboss offers meaningful improvements in the satisfaction and sustained milking frequency in robotic milking farms.
    New BOSS New BOSS Energy Pass/ New BOSS Rearing Calf New BOSS Power 3Q
  • Korea’s first feed specifically for robot milking machines – Roboss
    Sunjin Roboss will ensure happiness, sustained milking frequency, and milk yield improvements in robot milking farms


  • Wonderful
    Improvements in fattening productivity through moderation of the fermentation speed of the rumen Feed exclusively for Korean beef (Hanwoo) to achieve delivery weight in 28 months, and more than 450 kg in carcass weight
    Wonderful Breeding Wonderful Cow Fattening Wonderful Fattening Wonderful Young Calf, Full-grown Calf)
  • Triple
    Improves fattening productivity through half cold-fermentation speed control
    Fattening feed exclusively for Hanwoo to achieve 28-month delivery and a carcass weight of over 430 kg.
    Triple Breeding Triple Fattening
  • Powerful
    Improve fattening productivity through half cold-fermentation speed control
    Feed exclusively for beef cattle steers to achieve 20-month delivery and a carcass weight of over 430 kg.
  • Calf 100++
    A new concept of feed first produced in Korea by applying the concept of “metabolic imprinting”
    Calf 100++