“Together with Sunjin in the vast land of China”

1. Introduction

A decade ago, in 2007, Sunjin entered China, its third overseas country for business, with the establishment of Chengdu Feed Co., Ltd. (10,000 tons/month) at Chengdu in the Sichuan province. The Chinese market, which is geographically close to Korea and has a high consumption of pork, was an attractive market to create a success story using Sunjin’s advanced knowledge. Based on the strong foundation at Chengdu, in 2008, we expanded the scale of our business by establishing Tieling Sunjin Co., Ltd (10,000 tons/month) at Tieling in the Liaoning province. In 2009, considering the stable growth and development, we reached our current state through the expansion of our third plant, Qingdao Sunjin Feed Co., Ltd. (10,000 tons/month) at Qingdao in the Shandong province.
Currently, Sunjin is striving to expand and establish Sunjin’s dairy feed, which is recognized in Korea for its quality, in the Chinese market, in addition to its pig feed business. Furthermore, to expand the size of the fattening cow market, we are implementing various projects to establish a win-win model with local farms. The Tieling plant was recognized in the Chinese market for its superior management system; it was awarded the “Standard Standardization Management Award” by the Laoning Feed Industry Association.

China Tieling Plant

China Qingdao Plant

China Chengdu Plant

China Chengdu BU

2. Number of Employees in China


3. Total Revenue in China